Monday, September 24, 2012

Congrats to the Giants, NL West Champions; SF Is Creating a Dynasty, but it Goes Unseen in Hawaii; Almost Forgot: Giants Took Care of WS Business!

What a year 2012 has been for Hawaii’s favorite MLB team, the San Francisco Giants. Matt Cain throws a Perfect Game; Barry Zito rebounds for his best season as a Giant; Buster Posey is favored to win MVP honors, and a handful of late-season additions produced winning streaks that built an 11-game lead over the Los Angeles Dodgers with only 10 to play. That spells DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP!

Newly situated in Sacramento after our permanent move from Honolulu, we have the luxury of watching the Giants on Comcast’s cable system any time we want. Attending the games is easy, too, if you’re willing to pay the scratch via StubHub for good tickets. We had two nice ones in early September  for a Dodgers-Giants game (that's Posey legging out a double in the photo).

But the games are STILL BLACKED OUT IN HAWAII! It’s a travesty that Giants fans in the islands are suffering – corporate and MLB indifference to a blackout solely because Hawaii is considered to be in the Giants’ “home TV territory.” What a joke.

So enjoy the Playoffs while you can, Hawaii friends. If the 2010 season is a guide, you’ll be able to watch all Division, League and World Series games, and we hope the Giants are winners of the final baseball game of the year in early November. But unless the suits can reach an agreement over the winter, you’ll be back in Giants Blackout Hell come 2013. 

When you fill out your Christmas Gift List for Santa, ask him to drop off some compassion for Giants fans when he visits their homes around Hawaii. And you know what he can leave the executives at Comcast, Time-Warner and MLB – that proverbial lump of coal.

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