Sunday, February 19, 2017

Second Call to Jody McDonald Show on CBS Sports Radio Nets Positive Feedback from the Host on my "Run on 3rd Out" Rule

As teams get down to business in Spring Training, Major League Baseball's leaders are reacting to the widely held concern that the game is too slow to attract younger fans.

My "run on third out" rule would address that concern by speeding up the game as it simultaneously increases scoring and improves defense. You can read about this fascinating rule change as described in earlier posts below, especially the February 12, 2017 post.

Jody McDonald, long-time CBS Sports Radio host, took my call today for a second consecutive Sunday discussion on this proposed rule. He again offered enouragement, but MLB is still taking a pass on my proposed speed-up-the-game rule. What are the New York suits waiting for -- another season with dwindling interest among the younger generation(s)? Set your honored traditions aside for the sake of the game, and while you're at it, end the Infamous Hawaii MLB blackout!

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